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Malta grants the best opportunities for business immigration to the EU

It is hard to overestimate all economic and mundane advantages of business immigration to Malta:

  1. An ability to travel to 160 countries of the world without visa, including Canada and the USA
  2. High-quality medicare and prestigious education
  3. Economic and political stability
  4. Low crime rate
  5. Excellent location, cuisine, and climate
  6. Marvelous architecture, rich culture, and history

Businesspersons will acknowledge the following pros:

  1. The requirements for business immigration are relatively modest (compared to other EU countries)
  2. Low taxation for both legal entities and individuals
  3. An ability to work and conduct business in all countries of the EU and Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland, and Switzerland
  4. You can keep your original passport after getting the citizenship of Malta
  5. Depending on the programme of business immigration to Malta your children, spouses, partners, parents, grandparents and grandchildren can be included in the immigration application

Identity Malta Agency (IMA) is responsible for the residence permits. Additionally, the agency deals with various databases (passports, register of properties, register of official documents etc.). Residence and Visa Agency processes only applications for Malta Residence and Visa Program (MRVP).

Now, let’s see into existing programmes of business immigration to Malta:

Temporary residence and work permit

Non-residents, who are willing to conduct business on the islands, can get a long-term residency (it is valid for 5 years and is prolonged automatically). The applicant and family members can travel to Schengen area member states. Such kind of business immigration to Malta will be suitable for the following persons:

  1. A businessperson willing to invest €100,000 and show a detailed business plan, that includes providing at least three working places for citizens of Malta
  2. Non-residents who got a job offer in Malta
  3. Successful entrepreneurs who have been working for at least three years abroad and want to open an office in Malta
  4. Executives of business projects that are supported by the relevant Maltese authorities

Global Residence Programme (GRP) for wealthy foreigners

This is a chance of business immigration to Malta for well-to-do persons with an opportunity to travel throughout Schengen zone, get a work permit, bring family members and spend no more than 183 days a year on the island. Application processing time is 3 months. The candidates have to fulfill certain requirements:

  1. Buy property in Malta for €275,000 or in Gozo for €250,000
  2. Or rent a property (€9600 per year for Malta and €8750 per year for Gozo)
  3. The taxation for imported equities is 15% a year for a family, but not less than €15,000
  4. Pay administrative fee of €6,000
  5. Give documentary evidence of sufficient funds

Malta Residence and Visa Programme (MRVP)

Malta Residence and Visa Programme sets the following bar for the applicants:

  1. A purchase of property for €270,000 in Gozo or not less than €320,000 elsewhere within the country (or a rent ranging from €10,000 and €12,000 respectively)
  2. Make an investment of at list €250,000 and not to withdraw it from the jurisdiction for at least 5 years
  3. Prove annual income of €100,000 or capital, that is worth at least half a million euro
  4. Pay a contribution of €30,000 to the Maltese authorities

Residency for individual investors (MIIP)

MIIP is a two-stage programme of business immigration to Malta that oversees long-term residence. At first, an individual investor gets a registration and a Schengen residence card. Then he or she gets a citizenship and a passport, provided all legal requirements are abode. The person must get the passport in person. There is no need to live on the island the whole year. One can keep the original passport. Another bonus is the fact that Malta does not disclose identities of new citizens. The country managed to bypass the EU legislation by assigning a private company, Henley&Partners, to process applications. As a result, IMA only gets recommendations from the firm but not the full personal information.

The cost of the first stage of such kind of business immigration to Malta will be approximately €50,000. This includes a minimum price for a property rental (€16,000 a year), administrative fees, due diligence (cost of comprehensive procedures is €7,500 for an applicant, €5,000 for adult family members and €3,000 for minors). Moreover, a medical insurance with coverage of at least €50,000 is needed.

The second stage of business immigration to Malta under the MIIP is possible in the following cases:

  1. An applicant and family members must successfully pass due diligence
  2. An applicant must donate €650,000 to the National Development and Social Fund of Malta
  3. Pay the fee for spouses and minors of €25,000 and €50,000 for the rest
  4. A would-be resident must also buy property worth at least €350,000 or rent one for €16,000 a year for consecutive 5 years
  5. Buy government bonds worth €150,000 (one can sell the bonds only after 5 years)
  6. It is actually a citizenship through investment programme. After a year of residency and 4 months of processing procedures, a passport of Malta will be issued to the new citizens.


As you can see the cheapest way of business immigration to Malta is GRP, then goes MRVP, and the most expensive and complicated is MIIP. There are many other requirements for business immigration to Malta: an applicant must provide his financial history, be in a good health condition, have a profound knowledge of English and have no criminal record. Each programme has different criteria for the family members and spouses, terms of processing, as well as fees and procedures. Moreover, the programmes of business immigration to Malta is subject to constant changes due to attempts of other EU members to stop such a strong competitor on the market of economic immigration.

Experts of the Intelligent Solution Group keep track of legislative changes and help to wade through innumerable details of several Malta’s economic immigration programmes. On top of everything else, our team advises on the list of needed documents, manages all application procedures and helps to find appropriate property in Malta.




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