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Grenada – country of great opportunities for investors from abroad

Business immigration to Grenada means the opportunity to travel across dozens of different countries without visas, to conduct business activities with zero taxation, and to admire the beaches of the island state all year round. The rights of economic citizens are equal to inhabitants of Grenada by birth, except the right to elect and be elected.

The benefits of obtaining a passport of Grenada are unique:

  1. There’s no need to renounce your original citizenship;
  2. You can alter the name in your second passport, also the due diligence check-ups are conducted confidentially by third party companies;
  3. Spouses, minor children, and elderly parents can count for passports of Grenada as well;
  4. A proxy agent can deal with all the procedures. Actually, there are only 4 approved International Marketing Agents;
  5. It takes reasonable cost to include beloved ones in the application for economic citizenship;
  6. Applicant’s education is irrelevant in case of business immigration to Grenada although he or she has to prove knowledge of English and local history;
  7. It takes little effort to get a passport of Grenada after only two to a maximum four months;

Foreigners acknowledge exceptional investment opportunities of this Caribbean island:

  1. The right of visa-free visits to 135 states;
  2. Taxes are not levied on income, capital gains and inheritance;
  3. Zero taxation on profits received outside the territory of Grenada;
  4. You do not need to reside on the island before or after receiving your second passport;
  5. Business immigration to Grenada provides a bundle of benefits in case of resettlement to the UK;
  6. One can register an offshore business with a second passport of Grenada;
  7. Passport of Grenada facilitates the issuance of an E-2 visa, an easy way of moving to the USA and operating a substantial business there.

Why choosing Grenada as the second home?

Business immigration to Grenada was introduced in 2013. State authorities guarantee many advantages atop of easy procedures of economic citizenship.

  1. Jurisdiction has perfect location: the flight to New York takes 4 hours, to London — some 8-10 hours, to Frankfurt — about 10-14 hours.  
  2. Grenada is an English-speaking state. Moreover, its currency (XCD) is tied to the US dollar.
  3. In addition to stable economy, Grenada has low crime rate. In 2015, there were only 900 representatives of the Royal Police Force and 60 officers of the Coast Guard.
  4. The education on the island is free.
  5. Grenada is rich in marvellous landscapes thanks to coral reefs, rain forests, exotic birds, and remnants of ancient volcanoes.   

Thriving tourism industry is a key tool of business immigration to Grenada. This promising country may soon become the main alternative to resorts for the wealthiest and most influential representatives of the international community. The main resorts are located in Grand Anse and Morne Rouge.

What are the options for economic citizenship in Grenada?

Citizenship via property investment is one of 2 existing ways of business immigration to Grenada.

An applicant shall deposit $350,000 to the special account in the Grenadian bank. No loans are allowed in order to participate in the above-mentioned way of obtaining the desired passport. In 2014, there was only one resort eligible for the investment programme. Today there are 15 resorts of different kinds and they tend to multiply. After an applicant gives proof of sufficient funds, good health conditions and absence of criminal records, the government allows investing money into an approved real estate project. Business immigration to Grenada foresees that after 4 years one may bid farewell to the purchased property and transfer it to a new owner. The total cost of all agents’ services, procedures and check-ups depends on the age and quantity of family members that intend to move abroad with an applicant. A family of 2 adults and a couple of minor children will have to pay $84,000 give or take.

An alternative way of business immigration to Grenada is through a donation to the National Transformation Fund (NTF). It is worth mentioning that the donation is non-refundable, unlike the corresponding programme in St Kitts and Nevis. The least contribution amounts $200,000. In addition, prepare to pay least another $34,000 for a family of four.

Business immigration to Grenada is a carefree future for the family, successful business, profitable assets with zero taxation, as well as living on luxury resorts. Experts from the Intelligent Solution Group will help you to estimate the ratio of costs and possible dividends from business immigration to Grenada.


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