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Great Britain – a chance for a decent life

Business immigration to Great Britain is a complicated process, accompanied by thorough check-ups and strict procedures. However, neither this fact nor high cost of living stop foreigners from moving to the UK. Even Brexit didn’t scare away most investors and expats. Why? Because Great Britain offers unique advantages:

  • High social and healthcare standards;
  • An education of exceptional quality, which is renowned worldwide;
  • Favourable economic conditions for both individuals and companies;

If you are determined to leave your homeland and move to the UK, the consultants of the Intelligent Solution Group will help you to go through all immigration legal procedures and admire the advantages of business immigration to Great Britain:

  • Reasonable tax rates;
  • Perspective investments;
  • Legal grounds for employment;
  • One of the most influential passports in the world, that opens the borders of 157 countries;
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that by 2030 Great Britain will be among 10 strongest economies in the world;
  • Over 15 members of the Commonwealth are popular offshore jurisdictions;
  • Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in Europe;
  • The demand for the British real estate is constantly high, making the country’s property one of the most expensive in the world;
  • Financial hub of the world (City of London).

Who can get a British passport?

Business immigration to Great Britain is available in different ways. The potential candidates for residency and further citizenship can be divided into several categories:

  • Graduates of British universities or colleges;
  • Qualified specialists with a work permit;
  • Talented foreigners (i.e. artists, athletes, writers, scientists and since 2014 also IT-specialists);
  • High net worth investors;
  • Entrepreneurs willing to start a business in the UK;

Stages of acquiring the British citizenship

Diligence and strict adherence to the procedures are of great value among the British. Therefore, the procedure for obtaining a citizenship is clearly regulated according to stages and time set for each of the categories of non-residents. Usually, a temporary residence permit is issued, with an ability to extend its validity. Afterwards, a permanent residence permit is granted, and an individual is no longer subject to an immigration control. Finally, after the successful period of permanent residency, a citizenship becomes possible. However, business immigration to Great Britain can alter the terms.

Tier 1 Visa for wealthy investors

Thanks to the so-called Golden Visa, entrepreneurs who can make an investment worth £1 million and work within the borders of the UK are granted a temporary residency for a three-year term. It can be prolonged for 2 more years. Then a permanent residence permit becomes an option. After a year of successful permanent residency one is entitled to apply for a full-fledged citizenship.

The money must be allocated during 3 months from the application date. ¾ are spent to buy shares of the British companies or state bonds and another quarter can be spent for the purchase of property, deposited at a bank account and so on.

There’s an important clause: investment worth £5 million makes permanent residency available in 3 years, and a £10 million investment shortens the process up to 2 years.

Please note, that business immigration to Great Britain has strict requirements: all investors must prove the origin of their wealth and reside in the UK at least 185 days a year.

Brexit has slightly slowed down the influx of immigrants. However, about half a million foreigners still arrive in the kingdom every year to discover the country’s business opportunities. There are some curious facts for potential investors: over the last couple of years, foreigners have conducted almost 15% of all property deals in London, with an average price ranging £500.000-£1 million. Each second buyer originates from the Asian-Pacific region.

Tier 1 Visa for entrepreneurs

The demand for British Golden Visas has declined recently due to politics, high cost, and complicated regulations. Wealthy investors tend to opt for a less expensive way of immigration with an ability to run a business in the kingdom.

The entrepreneurs must meet certain criteria:

  • Spend at least £200.000 on an existing company or start a new one, using the same money;
  • Prove sufficient funds to operate business and support family;
  • Run the business in person and act as the owner of the company;
  • Employ minimum two British;
  • Business immigration to Great Britain also requires a profound knowledge of the language, confirmed by an international IELTS certificate.

It is worth mentioning that London leads the race for the wallets of foreign investors, than go Manchester and Cheshire.

Main mistakes that can cost you denial of a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

The above-mentioned visa is very popular. However, almost half of applicants receive denial. There are important details to consider in order not to miss an opportunity for business immigration to Great Britain.  

  1. Providing a detailed business-plan has become compulsory since 2015. The authorities analyse it with scrutiny, evaluating its effectiveness and potential risks. There’s even special program which ensures that the business plan hasn’t been downloaded from the web by an applicant.  
  2. Vague information in the application is another dead end for an applicant. If your CV has blanks or causes any doubt, you will get denial
  3. Don’t confuse investment with means for a living. £200.000 are spent only to support a business, not an investor. An applicant for business immigration to Great Britain must have additional £3310 (if the application is filed from abroad) or £945 (if filed in the UK) on a bank account.
  4. One must have a steady source of income. Your bank account must have at least 90 days old history. Otherwise, you might have to find other ways to prove the legality of your income.

After the business plan is implemented successfully, one can prolong the temporary residency permit. The requirements concern an applicant only, all enlisted family members get residency status automatically with the applicant. Then they will reside in the country at least 185 days a year.

Business immigration to Great Britain is subject to constant changes

Immigration process becomes more complicated due to high demand, so the government’s requirements are gradually becoming tougher. One should assess chances of obtaining a British passport with the help of experts.

The successful obtaining of the initial residence permit in the UK is determined by the excellent knowledge of immigration law and the competent execution of all necessary documents. The most subtle nuances are of great importance. Intelligent Solution Group helps its clients to avoid any pitfalls while undergoing the process of business immigration to Great Britain. Visit our office or contact a consultant to find out more about the cost of entry, taxes, property and other relevant details.


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