France underestimates qualified expats

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France attracts millions of tourists and thousands of immigrants every year, but an international survey shows that job opportunities are getting limited in this country.

Recent OECD report unveiled that France suffered from unemployment, temporary contracts and lack of up-to-date vocational programmes. Compared to other European countries, it has a higher ratio of those who remain unemployed for over a year. Every third person in France was eager to sign in for a job training, and the share of low-skilled participants was only 12%. Meanwhile, more than 55% of adults in some Scandinavian countries wanted to acquire new skills. That’s why France suffers from poor literacy more than other European countries, according to the report.

There is a skill shortage in tech and engineering sectors, as well as management and training. Qualified expats could have resolved the problem, but for that, a labour supply and demand mismatch has to be eliminated. So far, the research shows about 30% of employees work in a field different to their scholar degree. One person in three is either underqualified or overqualified for his or her current position.

Most expats in the country originate from the USA, the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. The skills of foreigners often end up to be underutilized. Many immigrants are forced to agree to a less qualified position than they deserve in order not to end up unemployed at all.

The OECD recommends France to elaborate modern career guidance, create a platform for sharing actual labor market needs, training opportunities and expertise. Only high-quality modern education for all, involving qualified expats and tackling labour mismatches can win positions for France on the world employment market.



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