Canada has reviewed its immigration rules

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Canada has become a popular country for wealthy investors that want to get an additional influential passport. However, the country is witnessing the decrease of citizenship applications by half over a year due to tough regulations and a fee that has increased almost 4 times for the recent years. Even the attractive immigration programme elaborated for the Atlantic Provinces has not brought the expected surge in applications from foreigners. The cooling demand for Canadian passports has pushed the country to ease some immigration rules. 

From the next week, applicants who are older than 65 are no longer obliged to prove the knowledge of French or English. The rule concerns children under 18 years as well. Moreover, the compulsory residing term prior to permanent residency status has been reduced to 4 years (1460 days) within 6 years or at least 6 months each consecutive year over a 4-year period.

The authorities of Canada might take further additional steps to facilitate residency status for various migrant categories, such as temporary workers and students, once they decide in favor of settling in the country for good. The officials hope that flexible and easier regulations will encourage more expats to contribute to the Canadian society and become its full-fledged members.



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