An escape plan: the list of the jurisdictions that offer influential passports quickly, cheap and easy

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Some jurisdictions are eager to welcome new citizens in short terms, with minimum procedures, and for a reasonable price. If you ever consider getting another passport, bear in mind this list of countries: they all can grant citizenship up to six months, enable vise-free traveling to over a hundred states. Moreover, renouncing the original citizenship or migrating to your new homeland won’t be necessary.

The authorities of Cyprus will agree to such deal if you buy a €2 mln worth real estate and commit to own it at least for three years. It’s an alluring option for moving to the EU.

Another smart choice is Portugal. However, this scenario does not fit the fast-track concept. A property investment amounting €500,000 won’t suffice for a passport but will lead to a residency card instead. After that, one must wait for 5 years in order to become a full-fledged citizen. Nevertheless, the Portuguese Golden Visas are considered to be a great deal among foreign investors. 

Antigua and Barbuda, as well as St Kitts and Nevis, offer passports in exchange for $250,000-400,000, depending on the investment programme. In case of the first offshore jurisdiction, one will have to visit it for less than a week a year. 

Dominica and St. Lucia have set an even lower bar for potential candidates, offering citizenship by investment programmes that start from $100,000.

Grenada also does not require investors to relocate. This jurisdiction is popular among entrepreneurs due to visa opportunities. $200,000 contribution will grant access to China, EU, the UK and will even facilitate the desired by many residency of the USA. 



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