A Canadian city offers unique taxes in order to lower the property tax

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The authorities of Saskatoon, Canada, are trying to be inventive and introduce alternative taxes in order to avoid property tax hike next year. The officials received over 600 suggestions, including less watering of green zones, withdrawal of snow levy for the households, placing a levy for building additional suite, garbage collection and utility fee, as well as an amusement fee. City officials were even advised to take unpaid days off. Introduced simultaneously, the above-mentioned levies could level the expected property tax increase ranging 5.7-7% to zero. Nevertheless, this is an unlikely scenario.

So far, the most popular ideas are an amusement tax and a waste utility charge. Altogether, they might save the city about $10 million a year. However, the opinion of the population has split. It is worth mentioning, that before 2007 Saskatoon had been imposing an amusement tax amounting 9%. Meanwhile, another Canadian city, Regina, is witnessing demands from cinemas to reduce existing 10% amusement tax to 1%. The final decision on the introduction of the alternative levies will be announced in three months after broad discussions.



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