The best growing job markets in the USA

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The US officials are boasting of the lowest unemployment figures over the last dozen years, so one can easily find a new job if settle in a city with the fastest employment growth ratio. Oxford Economics conducted a research comprising almost 90 U.S. huge metropolitan areas.

Skyrocketing prices in California and New-York are forcing middle-class people to relocate to cheaper households. North Carolina and Texas are gaining popularity. These states have the fastest growing cities, mainly due to surging tech start-ups.

The general trend shows that population is growing in areas with recovering economic situation. Suburbs of traditional fin-tech hubs also experience a rise in home building and customer spending. Texas and North Carolina have lucrative job market. Pennsylvania, on the contrary, will be a tough place to fight for a decent job. Colorado, Tennessee, and Texas can be proud of the lowest unemployment rates boosted by expected GDP growth higher than elsewhere in the USA. The cities with the fastest increasing standards of life are situated mainly in the Southwest and the Southeast, but interior states also attract new middle-class dwellers thanks to low property prices and low competition on a job market.

Big companies also define increasing number of job offers and salary growth. Surprising is the fact, that the biggest surge of new companies over the last 5 years have demonstrated the states with the largest share of foreign-born residents. Among such cities are Las Vegas and Miami. Here 20% of population consists of people born outside the USA, while the unemployment rate is approximately 4%.



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