St Kitts and Nevis is honored to have one of the best citizenship by investment programmes

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A recent Financial Times publication acknowledged the best citizenship by investment programmes (CBI), putting St Kitts and Nevis at top of the list. This was the first guide of its kind related to business immigration. The study has listed 11 jurisdictions that are willing to grant their passports in exchange for a particular kind of investment. They have competed in 7 categories. St Kitts and Nevis scored high in such essential issues. A huge pride was the highest score in due diligence, especially when the global community is so much concerned about transparency and combating international unlawful activity. Other strong points turned out to be residence or travel requirements, a speed of processing applications and easy procedures. An attention has been also paid to a standard of living and freedom of movement.


Les Khan, whose unit is in charge for the citizenship of St Kitts and Nevis for eager foreign businessmen, outlined strict procedures and diligent investigations of applicants, involving international law-enforcement and governmental organizations. In addition, he pointed to fast-track issuance of passports (only 60 days), lucrative real-estate opportunities and developing tourism sector. All these “pillars” has contributed to the status of the “Platinum Standard” CBI for the offshore jurisdiction. 


Moreover, the island has announced plans to introduce a new way of getting residency status for those willing to spend some time working in St Kitts and Nevis. There’s even no need to change any tax legislation to do so. People, who have lived for a certain period in the jurisdiction will be granted a chance to get passports. If an individual doesn’t want to become a citizen after the required period, he or she can enjoy residency status and apply for citizenship any time later. Such an idea gained strong support from the entrepreneurs. Full details will be announced in coming weeks.





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