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Canada – an alluring destination to settle in

Business immigration to Canada offers a full-fledged citizenship already in 3 years. Unlike most European countries or the USA, that witness anti-migrant moods reflected both in society and official policy, Canada is willing to host different categories of foreigners. Whether you are an artist, a student or an entrepreneur, you will appreciate the advantages of living in Canada:

  • It is a highly developed country with exemplary standards of living and low crime rate.
  • Environmental protection is a top governmental priority; the country is rich in natural resources.
  • Free medical care and education, high social protection and insurance programmes for the population.
  • Business immigration to Canada creates a foothold for a profitable business.
  • Montreal and Vancouver are among 15 cities with the best infrastructure in the world. A few years ago the country has allocated CAD120 billion to its further development.
  • OECD report shows that a Canadian pays 31.6% in taxes, which equals the 10th position in a world rating. An average family pays 18.8%, while the same household in France, Belgium, Austria or Finland pays about 40%.
  • Canada has one of the most sought-after property markets. The price for 2-bedroom apartment starts from $500.000 and the house in the British Columbia ranges from $1.5-10 million.

Business immigration to Canada is possible due to numerous government programmes, aimed at attracting talented expats and business leaders. The latest innovation was the introduction in 4 Atlantic provinces of an immigration programme, destined for different categories of French-speaking foreigners. Actually, attracting francophone expats has been a distinguishing trend in recent years. Almost 18% of the population are French-English bilingual. But Canada is getting more and more culturally and linguistically diverse. In 2016, over 7.5 (over 19%) million citizens spoke other mother tongues. Newly-made citizens mostly originate from Asia, Arab countries, Spain. The influx of the Chinese wealthy immigrants is the greatest.

Business immigration to Canada is a goal for 20% of entrepreneurs, according to statistics

Immigration programmes have attracted so many foreigners that the authorities of some provinces (Ontario, British Columbia) have even introduced a tax for property purchase for them. However, after the demand declined, the officials claimed to withdraw the tax for the expats.

The passport of Canada is a prestigious and precious acquisition, and a residence permit allows keeping the original passport. One can become a permanent resident in a number of cases:

  • In case of birth in Canada;
  • In case one of the parents has a citizenship;
  • In case of naturalization procedure, including business immigration to Canada.

Residency options in Canada

A temporary residence permit is available for holders of working, educational or guest visas. Permanent residency is granted according to a number of programmes, including immigration for skilled employees, family reunification and federal programmes for self-employed, entrepreneurs and investors.  All these options are affordable (compared to other American programmes), simple, well calculated and diverse, so each person can choose what’s best for him/her. There are no language requirements and limits on the age of candidates. Moreover, after residing in this country permanently for three years (or 1095 days in four years), it is possible to become a full-fledged citizen.

Business immigration to Canada through a work permit costs the least. The procedures last some 3 months and cost less than $200. Qualified workers can also compete for a job offer. In order to be invited to Canada to work, a candidate must score the highest in a number of criteria, know English or French, have a diploma and pay at least $716 for all procedures. Spouses and children are subject to apply at a fixed rate in both cases.

In order to obtain a visa for a start-up, the applicant must submit his or her business idea to one of the 14 designated investment organizations and receive approval.

Moreover, each of the 10 provinces and 3 territories conducts its own local programmes of business immigration to Canada. The best option is to get a specialized job in the province that needs such qualification.

Athletes, artists, actors, and managers often go through the so-called self-employment programme.

Applicants who are able to invest in the economy or create new jobs will appreciate investment programmes.

 Investors must:

  1. prove the successful experience of operating business
  2. confirm the legal status of assets, amounting at least CAD1.6 million
  3. provide CAD800.000 that will be allocated to the development of the provinces; the money is subject to refund after 5 years of permanent residency

The latter is the most immediate way of business immigration to Canada

Important facts about conducting business in Canada

  • The government has concluded tax treaties with 115 countries, greatly simplifying the money transfers between them.
  • Canada is great for establishing entities that allow you to minimize taxes.
  • The country has an almost identical system of registration of enterprises with the one used in such tax havens as the British Virgin Islands, Panama, and the Bahamas.
  • Canada was awarded the third place in the world ranking of countries with the most favourable conditions for starting a business. It takes 5 days on average to register a company.
  • Business immigration to Canada is possible via start-up visa; otherwise, you must be a Canadian citizen or a resident in order to start your business. You will not be able to do business with a student visa or a work permit. Your business partner can be a citizen of Canada (one or several people), but this does not imply obtaining the status of a resident of the country
  • Your legal company name is not protected, it can be used in other provinces.
  • Company registration can be conducted at the federal level or at the level of a single province.
  • Small business owners in Canada have the right to reimburse part of the VAT paid or are even fully exempt from taxes.

As you can see, business immigration to Canada is possible in many ways. Excellent knowledge of the immigration laws allows employees of the Intelligent Solution Group to use the maximum of opportunities for the rapid implementation of residency and economic immigration programmes. Our staff will draft all legal documents, prepare the proof of legality and origin of the applicant’s assets, or facilitate obtaining a loan from one of the local banks. If you do not meet requirements for general programs, we can advise on immigration options of particular provinces, Quebec, for example. We will save your time and money by defining the best option for business immigration to Canada. Visit our office to get more information.


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