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Dominica – "second home" for businesspersons who think about their future

Do you want to live and work in a prosperous country? Do you want to legally reduce the taxation of your business? Is there a need to protect assets from the existing economic unrest in your home state? Business immigration to Dominica will be a perfect choice. 

What advantages does the applicant receive with the passport of Dominica?

  1. favourable tax regime for business and a chance to protect your equities in Dominican banks;
  2. traveling to most countries of the world without boundaries;
  3. excellent conditions for business development, conditioned by the currency, tied to the US dollar;
  4. business immigration to Dominica makes it easier to obtain a temporary residence permit or permanent residency of any other state;
  5. guarantee of personal immunity for you and your loved ones, independence from the political and economic difficulties of a home country;
  6. The procedure for considering the candidacy of an investor and taking a decision takes about 4-6 months.

Dominican passport is a tool of protection from political and economic crises

The programme of economic citizenship was launched in 1993, and today it is the most accessible of all operating on the planet. Such possibility is reflected in the Constitution. The citizenship is granted in accordance with the annual government quota.

Dominica is attractive due to its paradisiac landscapes and peaceful atmosphere. Business immigration to Dominica bestows many privileges for beginner and experienced entrepreneurs. Most countries now offer only residence permits for investments rather than economic citizenship. In case of this jurisdiction, one doesn’t have to renounce citizenship in order to benefit from numerous bonuses of the economic citizenship of the jurisdiction.

  1. Business immigration to Dominica grants investors a unique offer: economic citizenship without naturalization.
  2. In return for your investments, you will immediately receive the passport of the state that is part of the Caribbean Community CARICOM and the British Commonwealth of Nations.
  3. You will only need to visit the island belonging to the Antilles archipelago in order to pass the interview, after which you become a citizen of Dominica for life.
  4. The possibility of visa-free entry to a number of European countries, the Pacific and Caribbean countries, the UK and Commonwealth countries.
  5. Business immigration to Dominica means absolute confidentiality as you get the possibility of changing the name.
  6. Complete absence of residency requirements before and after obtaining citizenship;
  7. Zero taxation of income received outside jurisdiction (including capital gains and taxes on donation, inheritance, etc.).

What are the conditions for obtaining Dominica citizenship?

In order to qualify for business immigration to Dominica, an applicant must meet a number of criteria:

  1. reach the age of 21;
  2. have an impeccable reputation;
  3. deposit a certain amount to the government account;
  4. have good knowledge of English and visit the island for an interview in English;
  5. take an oath of allegiance;
  6. wait for the final approval of the government and obtain a passport delivered by the courier.

How much will cost business immigration to Dominica?

  1. The applicant for an individual citizenship invests in the economy of Dominica $100,000;
  2. a married couple shall deposit $175,000;
  3. a family with two children shall pay $200,000;
  1. each next child will require an investment of additional $50,000;
  2. the cost of due diligence procedures ranges between $3,000-10,000;
  3. services of a state-registered agent and other regulated payments make up $15,000-25,000.

In addition, there’s a big package of documents of the established form, which are necessary for business immigration to Dominica. There precedes a laborious procedure before obtaining a passport of the Commonwealth of Dominica. It is necessary to perform a solid paper work and issue many regulated documents. A mistake made when filling in the applications, like the false data, can result in denial of citizenship or lead to its renouncement even after a few years.

Therefore, if immigration to Dominica is an important step for you, entrust it with the professionals. The company Intelligent Solution Group will be happy to help you in obtaining the citizenship of the paradise island.



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