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Antigua and Barbuda – perfect destination for those who seek safe future for family and business

Business immigration to Antigua and Barbuda has a number of advantages:

  • No need to renounce your citizenship
  • An ability to conduct business in different jurisdictions
  • Zero taxation on profits from abroad
  • A legal way of investing money and subsequent disinvestment
  • Unhindered traveling throughout the world
  • Strict confidentiality for the new citizens

Why choosing business immigration to Barbuda among all other Caribbean jurisdictions?

  • There are no local taxes for the offshore companies, there exists a small annual registration fee instead
  • The population of two incredibly beautiful islands is 80,000, who are mainly Christians
  • Every year millions come to admire local nature and coral reefs and to enjoy annual carnivals
  • Soccer, cricket and windsurfing are the main passion of the locals
  • Knowledge of English is not necessary for business immigration to Antigua and Barbuda, unlike in case of obtaining economic citizenship of Dominica or Grenada, for example
  • the advantages of property investment programmes are obvious, 50% of national GDP are made up of tourism industry
  • The jurisdiction offers passports through a substantial investment in the branch of economy defined by the government, which is unique for the Caribbean
  • Business immigration to Barbuda paves the way for prestigious education in the UK
  • Islands spend 4% of GDP on healthcare  
  • In 2010 the World bank listed the jurisdiction as a country with an economy of "high average income"

There are three ways of business immigration to Antigua and Barbuda

A real estate investment will empty your bank account for at least $400,000, but shared ownership of the property is possible.

National Development Fund requires less spending, the donation starts from $250,000.

One can choose to develop the economy of the islands by investing in new or existing ventures. This scenario of business immigration to Barbuda was elaborated for high net worth business persons as the price starts from $1,5 million.

The investments are non-refundable. However, the property is subject to subsequent sale in 5 years.

Please note the following features of business immigration to Antigua and Barbuda

It is required to reside in the islands at least 5 days during the first year of citizenship, and 35 days totally during 5 years.

There’s an option to file the documents for economic citizenship remotely. However, there’s a need to swear an oath either by visiting the jurisdiction or at the consulate, in the case of successful business immigration to Barbuda.

Processing time is usually 3-4 months.

All applicants undergo medical examination and due diligence verification. The price of check-ups and procedures, related to the acquisition of the second passport, are not included in the investment fees.

Do you want to get an assurance in times of economic or political instability in your current homeland? Are you considering a reasonable tax optimization scheme? Do you want to avoid difficulties due to the tightening of the visa regime or international sanctions? Then contact the specialists of Intelligent Solution Group for more information about business immigration to Antigua and Barbuda. Our qualified team can provide detailed information on tariffs and advise the most suitable program of economic citizenship, depending on the objectives pursued by the applicant.


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