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Residence permit in foreign countries gives many opportunities for university graduates, well-to-do people and their family members, and especially entrepreneurs. The most obvious advantages are:

  1. An ability to live and work in a developed country
  2. Easiness of traveling and facilitated visa regime
  3. A chance to secure decent education, insurance, and medical care for family members
  4. A safe shelter in case of economic and political turmoil in a country of origin

A while ago, there has been a lot of prejudice towards economic opportunities immigration. It was believed that offshore companies and the second citizenship were the ways for the criminals to avoid justice or hide illegal profits. Today more and more companies conduct international business, have field offices worldwide.

Business immigration is a two-way road. Small countries with little resources or weak technologies offer the second passport and a safe haven for wealthy business persons in return for investments and working places. An individual can allocate a particular amount to the country’s budget, or buy shares, or set a company and provide the workplace for the locals, or invest into a property, or give money to protect country’s cultural heritage. A country uses such generous funding to develop tourism, infrastructure and satisfy social needs. The standards of living increase, therefore more rich people become interested in a jurisdiction. That’s why a country is eager to grant a citizenship, low taxes, protection and other advantages. Moreover, all jurisdictions have strict due diligence and cooperate with international law-enforcement organizations and authorities to make sure that the new residents and citizens will contribute to the country’s economy and reputation. Depending on conditions and existing procedures, countries offer temporary or permanent residence permit.

Nowadays, not only small offshores like Antigua and Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Grenada advertise citizenship by investment programmes, but members of the EU (Cyprus, Malta, Latvia, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain) as well as other developed economies (Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore).

Economic opportunities immigration can be divided into several categories:

  1. The second citizenship = the second passport
  2. Temporary residence immigration or permanent residence immigration in exchange for investment
  3. Special long-term Golden Visas for rich investors

Note that after getting a long-term working visa or a residence permit you can apply for citizenship after some 3-5 years. But it’s quite a long term in the modern competitive business environment. Moreover, some political, economic or even weather circumstances at home may urge people to move abroad for good. Programmes of economic citizenship provide the second passport within just few months. It grants personal freedom, business opportunities and legal protection from the authorities of the country of origin.

  1. No more visas and bureaucracy to enter the country. You can stay in a country for an indefinite term and travel with your second passport
  2. Great investment opportunities. You will be able to conduct business abroad or invest into offshore companies, open foreign bank accounts, optimize taxation of your profits
  3. Protection. Your company will be operating in a country with stable economy while you and your family can enjoy high-quality education, services, and peaceful retirement.


How to choose a destination for economic opportunities immigration?

Intelligent Solution Group recommends 13 jurisdictions worldwide that provide the best economic immigration deals and offer second passports without a requirement to reject your original citizenship. Residence permit in foreign countries differs in terms and conditions. The Caribbean offshores (Antigua and Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, and Grenada) have the fastest application processing time, grant confidentiality and picturesque exotic nature. There’s no need to undergo a years-long naturalization process. These offshores also score high every year in various ratings of easiness of operating business and low taxes.

Permanent residence permit in the EU countries in more expensive and complicated. Nevertheless, business immigration to the EU member states gives access to a stable economic market and almost limitless traveling. Portugal and Italy are best known for their Golden Visa programmes. A businessperson can invest money into an existing company or open a new one, deposit a few millions in a local bank account or buy property. Then the mentioned countries will grant a temporary residence permit. Cyprus, Malta, Great Britain have reasonable programmes of residence permit for foreigners through property investment.

Self-employed entrepreneurs will acknowledge wide business opportunities in Canada, Hong Kong, Great Britain or Singapore. These tech hubs are homes for the growing number of startups and talented specialists. Expats can count for citizenship after living in the jurisdictions for a set period.

It is clear that business immigration means many opportunities and endless pitfalls. It is impossible to cope with all procedures, bureaucracy, legal details without competent consulting and professional aid.

Advisers at Intelligent Solution Group will help you to choose the best jurisdiction for economic opportunities immigration in each individual case. We consider multiple aspects, such as easiness of conducting business, taxation, standards of living, residence options for family members, even climate, culture, and services.

  1. Do you want to get the second citizenship and keep your original passport?
  2. Are you looking for wider business opportunities through investment and residence status in foreign countries?
  3. Do you want to prepare all documents and avoid possible complications when applying for citizenship or residence permit in foreign countries?

The consultants of Intelligent Solution Group will provide constant professional support and guarantee a high quality of business immigration services.

Which advantages does the BI offer?

Competent advisors and set, individual contacts An employee from the office for foreigners conveniently arranges appointments
Close cooperation of all involved parties and knowledge of procedures The application process is expedited

Who profits from the BI?

College and university graduates (not students) Investors and companies from specific branches and sectors Highly qualified specialists and executives from globally active companies

The most widespread ways for immigration are

Business immigration Immigration on the basis of purchase of the real estate Immigration by investing activities



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